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(no subject)

I do like the horns and the lance.

Everything about this is still wrong. My hair is neither pink, nor blue, and the clothes are ridiculous. I'm also not a woman!

Does she - do I jiggle?

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Wow is a very good answer.

[Look at this huge redheaded muscular man without things like breasts. This is not the person on the website.]

I don't think you have to worry about jiggling.

I just wonder why that feature was included.

Could be to make guys like it. Most guys like girls that jiggle.

...It's just confusing to me. But I'm still not used to computers.

I'm not from this time period, kid.

... I honestly thought all that inter-dimensional stuff was a lie.

It's true in my world, and it's true here. Ask anyone.

I haven't been around here too long. Well, a few weeks, but I'm really just now getting familiar with it.

You get used to it in time. Even the most conservative people come around.

I'm not exactly conservative.


So why the concern about the bouncy boobs on the screen?

I don't have breasts. They shouldn't be bouncy breasts.

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