Whether you are or are not a Master-

-you are my friend, and that will never change.

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[RL with Harumi - the official yaoi fangirl of Alexander the Great.]
Rider waited patiently outside of his house, listening for any strange sounds. There was a war going on, and even if there would almost certainly be no attacks in the daylight, it would still be nice to have Harumi in his company as soon as possible.

Waver was inside reading, the McKenzies were out playing bingo - it was a perfect setup to relax and just enjoy being alive again. Maybe they would go to the arcade, he'd passed one on his way through the town that held his interest...

She really should be here soon. Of course he'd have to take her wishes into account before they did anything.

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"Oh! Okay." Harumi had heard of Starcraft but hadn't really played it-- but that was okay. "That's the best way to take a tour though! People who know where everything is tend to only show you the stuff that they want people to see. If it's a mystery on both parts you get a better truth!" Harumi smiles back, then taps a finger on her lips. "So do we leave now or relax here first?"

"My Master said he might say hello. It depends on how badly you want to embarrass him," he replied. Rider himself wouldn't mind embarrassing him somewhat. Not too badly. "He's holed up in his room studying right now."

"I'll... try not to. Sometimes I say things that I don't think are embarrassing but he might." Well, it was kind of true. Sometimes she did. Most of the time she did it on purpose, though.

Waver really had kind of been dreading this. There was a reason that he was holed up in his room, after all, but it would be rude not to at least introduce himself.

When he heard voices downstairs, he took a breath, steeled himself for imminent embarrassment, and went down.

"You must be Miss Harumi?"

Hello, I am British and stuffy.

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