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Whether you are or are not a Master-

-you are my friend, and that will never change.

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(no subject)

I do like the horns and the lance.

Everything about this is still wrong. My hair is neither pink, nor blue, and the clothes are ridiculous. I'm also not a woman!

Does she - do I jiggle?

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You mean like Archer with breasts?

That is precisely what I meant. I was worried perhaps I was seeing things.

It's the gold. And he probably has a whip in that golden storage of his.

It wouldn't surprise me too much. He seemed like he had quite a lot in there, judging by his fight with Berserker.

The arrogant expression is remarkably similar as well, woman or not.

...Do you think he actually is Gilgamesh?

It's far too early in the war to determine anyone's identity unless they admit it outright like the two of us and Saber have.

Having said that, I can't claim I'd be shocked were that the case. Even if I would expect the King of Heroes to be a little less self-centered and arrogant.

I'll keep it in mind. It's a distraction from my image if I try to picture him wearing that.

...If Archer is Gilgamesh, I would almost want to see his reaction to this.

I'll make sure to save the picture.

[That got a laugh out of him.]

Good idea. If we're right maybe we can shock him into silence and earn some rest from all his shouting.

Then this website will really be good for something.

I suppose there's that, if nothing else.

And my Master's reaction will be amusing.

He does seem to get quite flustered remarkably easily.

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