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Whether you are or are not a Master-

-you are my friend, and that will never change.

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(no subject)

I do like the horns and the lance.

Everything about this is still wrong. My hair is neither pink, nor blue, and the clothes are ridiculous. I'm also not a woman!

Does she - do I jiggle?

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[That got a laugh out of him.]

Good idea. If we're right maybe we can shock him into silence and earn some rest from all his shouting.

Then this website will really be good for something.

I suppose there's that, if nothing else.

And my Master's reaction will be amusing.

He does seem to get quite flustered remarkably easily.

It's certainly amusing, I can give you that much.

I know we weren't going to compete with 'my Master is better than your Master', but...

I would much rather not get into this. I won't speak ill of my Master here or anywhere else.

Mine is definitely much cuter.

Somehow I doubt the Holy Grail War is that kind of competition.

In that case, I forfeit this particular conflict.

Victory is mine once again.

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