Whether you are or are not a Master-

-you are my friend, and that will never change.

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(no subject)

I do like the horns and the lance.

Everything about this is still wrong. My hair is neither pink, nor blue, and the clothes are ridiculous. I'm also not a woman!

Does she - do I jiggle?

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It's certainly amusing, I can give you that much.

I know we weren't going to compete with 'my Master is better than your Master', but...

I would much rather not get into this. I won't speak ill of my Master here or anywhere else.

Mine is definitely much cuter.

Somehow I doubt the Holy Grail War is that kind of competition.

In that case, I forfeit this particular conflict.

Victory is mine once again.

Expect to see more of that.

We'll see. Considering my Master's unfortunate dislike for yours, we may well end up fighting at some point.

I hope there won't be any hard feelings from whoever might lose, if that happens.

Of course not! To deal Saber such a wound in your first battle, I already knew that you were a worthy opponent to face.

How fortunate I am to receive praise from the King of Conquerors. I'd be honored to have the chance to meet you in combat.

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