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I do like the horns and the lance.

Everything about this is still wrong. My hair is neither pink, nor blue, and the clothes are ridiculous. I'm also not a woman!

Does she - do I jiggle?

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...Is that...what people think you look like in this era?!

...That is a nice lance, though.

I'm going to have to ask my Master about it when he sees it.

I thought you would appreciate it.

I can't say I understand what on earth she's wearing. Or what's wrong with her hair.

That's relatively masculine clothing... I could have been drawn like this.

Well, that's certainly dif-

Cúis gháire chugainn, is that meant to be Saber?!

[Yep, you shocked him so much he forgot what language to speak. Or something.]

It seems that it is her image!

That's utterly outrageous! Just think, next the legends will say something like Cu Chulainn himself was seven feet tall with tri-colored hair!

[Actually, Lancer...]

Have you looked any of them up?

Why should I have to? I know the stories of my own homeland well enough.

Exactly! It shouldn't bother you what kind of hair color they think your heroes have, be they three colors or bright pink and blue.

It doesn't bother you that things are that inaccurate?

Of course it bothers me, but... It will be easier to fix their image of me when I begin my campaign again.

You're really serious about that, aren't you?

And I suppose pointing out that the world's changed and we should adapt accordingly if we are to remain in it would do nothing. Correct?

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