Whether you are or are not a Master-

-you are my friend, and that will never change.

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OOC (Facility application.)
OOC Information:
Name: Mini
Age: 18
AIM: ryudojitemple
Y!M: N/A

IC Information:
Name: Rider (Alexander the Great)
Fandom: Fate/Zero
Timeline: After his battle with Saber, but before his battle with Gilgamesh and his death.
Age: 32
Appearance: Rider has an imposing stature. He stands over two meters tall, and is heavily muscular. His wild hair is a vivid shade of red, and his beard is thick. For battle, he wears heavy, ornate armor in shades of red, brown, and gold, as well as a really badass fluffy cape. Casually, he likes wearing shirts with logos from his favorite video games on them, and dislikes wearing pants.

Abilities: Things that Rider can do in canon:
-Can summon an awesome chariot led by two bulls.
-Can also summon his army back from the dead to fight for him (although this takes a lot of energy/mana to do) through basically The Power of Friendship.
-Is physically strong enough that not paying attention to his strength causes his pats on the back to hurt like hell, particularly if you're a fragile nerd.
-Can take hits extremely well and run through streams of weaponfire without much caring.
-Can ride anything that isn't a dragon, even if it's divine or something like that.
-Is really good at military tactics.
-Is a highly charismatic leader. See: can summon his army from the dead because they were so loyal to him.

Personality: Rider is impulsive. He's good at strategy - wouldn't have won so many battles in life, otherwise - but his goals are based more on personal feelings than anything else. Leading an army to see Oceanus? Probably impossible. Asking the Heroic Spirits he's supposed to be fighting if they would join him to conquer the world? Definitely stupid. And yet, he believes in his impulsive goals so thoroughly that it eventually wins others over. His Master Waver eventually agrees to follow his goals instead of being his Master, and his soldiers - his soldiers were so loyal and faithful to him that Rider's best Noble Phantasm (secret weapon, basically) isn't a sword or even his chariot but the ability to call forth his army, entirely made up of other Heroic Spirits, and entirely loyal to his orders.

He has a strong sense of nobility, even when it seems a little strange. He condemns another Master for hiding in the shadows, when his own Master rides beside him. Unwillingly, but still. He gets involved in a fight to keep another Servant being ordered to make that fight unfair against his will. He won't permit violence at a feast he holds, and will sacrifice an advantage in one fight in order to keep his promise to have another fight with someone else. When he teams up with the other Servants, he listens to their ideas without argument.

Rider is quite taken in by the achievements of the modern world. He desires to have supersonic jets when he takes over, and uses a mail-order catalogue to buy a T-shirt. On the subject of clothes, he also has to be reminded that he needs to wear pants... He doesn't have a lot of subtlety or tact, and enjoys teasing Waver and others that are susceptible to teasing. He doesn't do it meanly, though, and is very difficult to offend even when being shouted at or insulted.

He also is a bit unaware of his own strength, or at least of his Master's relative fragility. Claps on the back are not supposed to hurt that much, Rider. Bad Servant. Bad
History: Alexander the Great was a badass.

There are history books written about the actual Alexander the Great, so I'll try not to ramble too much about things that don't even happen during canon. Alexander was born in the kingdom of Macedon, and displayed immense awesomeness at a young age even before he became king. This awesomeness continued as he grew older, commanded armies, conquered large parts of Asia (Egypt and Persia in particular) and generally left an incredible mark on history forever. He never lost a known battle, and was partway into India before his soldiers became tired and wanted to return to Macedon - he died on the return trip.

This is where Fate/zero steps in. In the world of Fate, a person with great deeds and a legend may be kept by the World as a Heroic Spirit, and later summoned in a Holy Grail War in the 1990s as a Servant. Under the class of Rider (which is how he will be referred to in this application, as it is what canon calls him) due to his awesome chariot, he was summoned by a nineteen-year-old British magus named Waver Velvet. Waver immediately gets frustrated with his Servant - he wants to gain the Holy Grail and order his Servant about in the process, but Rider would rather conquer the globe and would happily join with the other Servants to do so. In fact, the first appearance he makes in the war proper is to interrupt a battle in progress between Saber and Lancer, announce his true name (completely against Servant protocol and an incredibly bad idea in general) and ask if they would join him. They refuse, to Rider's dismay.

Later, he invites his fellow kings (Saber and Archer) to a banquet, where they chill and talk amiably over wine. Assassin appears and spills a cup, and Rider kicks his ass. Later, another Servant Caster turns into a Lovecraftian horror and Rider works together with Lancer and Saber to defeat it. It's pretty boss. During this time, Rider decides that a) Archer is a pretty cool guy, eh is Gilgamesh and doesn't afraid of anything, and b) Saber has a silly philosophy about being a king that he's going to correct by defeating her.

Then he fights Saber when he's on his chariot and she's on a motorcycle, which is also cool. Pretty much all of Fate/zero's Rider scenes are Rider being cool or Waver tsunning at him, or both. Rider's chariot gets destroyed, which puts him at a little of a disadvantage.

Waver decides that the Holy Grail War is way too dangerous for him, what with Rider consistently dragging him around and forcing him to ride in his chariot, and uses up all three of his Command Seals to bolster Rider's strength and make Waver no longer his Master. However, Rider still insists that Waver come along to his battle against Archer - as his friend. Waver accepts.

Rider loses his battle against Archer, and sometime after asking if Waver would be his servant and getting a 'yes', he dies smiling. And manly tears were shed.

Roleplay Sample - Log: When Rider wanted to know about what life was like at Clock Tower, the school that Waver went to, Waver threw a book at him and stormed off. The book happened to be about Clock Tower, which was silly, because Rider and Waver had already discussed that reading a book about something was ridiculous when you could ask someone with personal experience. It was entirely possible that Waver had just thrown the nearest object at him in anger. He did that sometimes.

Either way, Rider thumbed through the pages. He knew a little from Waver's grumblings; his Master was a genius student, but his ideas about hard work triumphing over heritage had been ignored. Rider had to agree with him, at least in part; he was king because he was born a prince, but he was the King of Conquerors because he'd spent his life becoming greater than he was. He made his way into history because he didn't rely on what had been passed down to him.

Either way, the book didn't tell him much. Something about the history, something about the departments, something about the graduation requirements. Nothing particularly interesting.

Waver caught him reading it. "What are you looking at that for?" he asked.

Rider shrugged. "You wanted to know about my life, so I should know about yours. It's the same if you're a king or a student, since we're friends."

Roleplay Sample - Journal: Hmmm. It's a shame that whenever we have trips to take in some fresh air, actual fresh air, they're usually accompanied by torture and misery. It's not good for people to be holed up like this forever, especially when someone cruel is forcing them to stay here.

How long has this been going on? Men can stand torture for a long time with strong willpower, even forever, but that doesn't make it pleasant.

...Well, those are too depressing thoughts for us to linger on. I'd rather spend my free time trying to relax until a better opportunity comes to free ourselves.

This game includes horrible mental and physical torture of your character. After reading the rules/faq for clarification, how do you expect your character to handle this and continue to function? Rider has an indomitable spirit. He's seen humans (even children) warped into unnatural forms en mass and while he was upset and angry, he didn't freak out. It will take a lot to completely get to him or cause him to lose hope of escape, on the level of spending a few years in the game while the worst was thrown at him.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here. Stupid enabling enablers. Large parts of this are pasted from my dramadramaduck application.


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